The following is a conceptual rebranding of Pepperidge Farm's product "Goldfish." The objective of the re-design is to bring the visual identity to a contemporary audience and highlight the positive aspects of everyday life in 2021 and on. This project aims to reflect the consumer's world and allow the snack that smiles back to be a modern and energetic bright voice, in rather dim times.
Accompanying this monumental rebrand is a social media campaign to spark change while letting the world show off its beautiful smiles. Spare A Smile is an Instagram campaign featuring three different filters encouraging Goldfish fans to take a selfie, promote positivity, and share their smiles on their feeds. Goldfish would donate to school meal programs for every use of the filter to support students and families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Modern Re-Telling of the "Snack That Smiles Back" for a contemporary, conscientious, on-the-go, 2021 audience. The brand language and advertisement campaign speak to the current state of everyday life, bringing positivity and humanity to a brand that has been alongside families for generations. This conceptual rebranding is an updated effort to reflect the modern family: their values, their lifestyles - honing in on what makes Goldfish, Goldfish while putting on a new smile to revitalize the brand story.

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