Inter (2019) -Inter is a commercial space-flight company that specializes in high-atmosphere flights and is branching into planetary expeditions. The goal of Inter is to present a welcoming, family-oriented offering to the space flight market as it grows.
In an age, where the past’s future is coming to fruition, and areas of our current future look bleak. we believe the key to making customers feel at ease with this new development in space travel is the comforting, humanistic aesthetic of the future that never was, and always will be. Inter offers space flights departing from 3 North American terminals, specifically targeted at the potential family audience. Opposing the niche exclusive market that makes up the current target of the industry with companies such as Virgin Galactic.
This playful yet sleek and futuristic style allows for the family audience to feel familiar with the brand as the adventure can seem daunting. As this type of vacation becomes the norm; Inter wants to get ahead of the curve and have voyagers be at ease as they sail into the future, together.
The Future that never was, and always will be, inter-twined with the technological progress of today. Driven by the American atomic age, the icon and the typeface were chosen to resemble that moment in time, while remaining to the modern standards of todays world. colour decision was incorporated into that process as well, through research of the style and time-period.
The icon mark is made to represent this crossroads of past ideas emerging into a futuristic endeavour, using the atom symbol, very iconic and used during this stylistic period, while representing the conversion of these ideas and time-periods. It also reflects the name’s story and the rounded edges contrasted by the sharp marks as seen in the type-mark.
Marketing Materials
Tourism Posters: The set of three posters act as teleportation back to the iconic animated-style of the 50/60’s era, featuring many hallmarks such as the star design. All of which is very referential to the modern vectorization-style. This set also references the styling of the 1930’s National Park WPA-style that was and remains a staple of American culture and design. Through comparing the futuristic architecture of the departure cities to elements of the cosmic world, it once again brings a sense of familiarity and intrigue to the experience; a key component to the Inter brand.
These materials meant to excite and entice possible future travellers while inciting this sense of wonder and mystery found in early optimistic-futurism. Quotes are directly adapted from key attractions from the New York World Fairs. Respectively “I Have Seen the Future” was featured on Ford’s 1939 merchandise and “Just a Dream Away” is a quote from Walt Disney’s 1964 attraction “Carousel of Progress, of which highlights optimism and advancements of technology for years to come. All traits that Inter, as a brand have accepted in their identity. "Great in 64', Greater in 65'" is also from marketing  of the World's Fair which has been manipulated.
 Voyager Materials
In-Flight Uniforms
The purpose of the uniforms is to create a sense of unity; somewhere the Voyagers can feel comfortable. The “Terminal” gear, is supposed to be modern and sleek but very approachable, for both Crew and Voyager models. The in-flight uniforms are meant to bring that same ideology mixed with the retro-futuristic spacesuits of the ’50-’60's. Combined with Nike technology, these “Star-Trek”-like suits will not only allow Voyagers and Crew to be cohesive as a unit but comfortable with the best materials for the elements. While the design inspiration may be seen as tacky, with the high-quality innovative upgrades and modernized tailoring, not only will they create a great experience for the Voyagers but also be quite the collector's item after their journey.
Voyagers are able to choose between colours, the Crews colour is determined by their role. The colour decision to have the Crew be in the cream with the red/blue accents is based on colour psychology, specifically red can evoke un-ease and fear. With Inter and the progression of space travel, the sense of comfort is what we strive towards.
Airport Materials
Using the atomic-age styling and creating all the media to reflect this humanistic and comforting sense of the future acts to excite the casual traveler as this type of vacation progresses into the forefront in the upcoming years. all of the touch-points act to create this sense of familiarity and along with that, return a sense of hope and optimism in the publics' mind when regarding the future. 

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