Vancouver College of Design (2020) is a conceptual rebranding of the Visual College of Art & Design. The objective of the re-design is better to match the core identity and tone to the complimentary branding elements and encapsulate and project the values of the art school throughout all touchpoints. ​​​​​​​Showcasing the relatable concepts of aspirations matched with proven alumni work allows for the branding to connect on an intimate level with future-students making this large life decision.

As a design school, it is essential to present the best of the program's, highlight the past and future students, and the possibilities that come from attending. It is also integral to look modern and encapsulate the ideals and style of the school and its staff. The former branding had a significant disconnect in this area, presenting itself as very corporate and displaying a disconnect between itself and the students and their work. Being unique, modern, and personable were the most critical attributes of the new branding. This re-positioning allows each branding element to signify the student's voice and personally display possibilities of what can be achieved through higher learning.
Previous identity
Re-Designed Logo
The decision to change the name again hits on the personal and "tangible" note that the concept aimed for. Featuring the location, "Vancouver" gives it personality and grounding, rather than the vague, overarching, corporate "visual" term. The decision to eliminate the "of art and Design" was to reflect the school's teachings and departments more accurately. Making the name "unique" and accurate to the school's values was essential and showcased the design aspect. Representing design was the goal throughout the entire re-design, from the advertising to the color decisions. 

The concept of a "ripple effect" is carried throughout design pieces or a specific marketing campaign. The idea is that you can make an impact in a short amount of time, as the school offers fast-paced programs of study. The program colors are carried throughout all media to bring in the sense of personality and uniqueness each brings to the school and future students. Design inspiration came from the existing department colors and icons. The brand colors were adjusted to complement the off-white and charcoal tones of the core identity.
Follow your life-long passion, or discover the dream job you didn't even know existed.
Additional Branding Materials
Promoting the stylings of the individual departments and letting each speak for itself creates an exciting, modern, and approachable design that encapsulates the nature of the design college. Using the existing iconography and department colors concept and combining those with a consistent and inviting identity that can be consistent in tone and message across all media for years to come. The rebranding drastically improves the core design problem: the disconnect between the branding and the identity, leading to more consistent and controlled messaging.

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