Collectibles is a community for the fanatic. Previously "Cardbase", Ryan was brought into provide direction for a rebrand that applied to a wider audience as well as a larger subject matter. Narrowing in on the "archetypes" of collectors and allowing the user to self-select their demographic was a key idea in this rebrand direction in the move to "", while it's often times taboo to pigeonhole, this user base and product is inherently niche-based, allowing for a unique and flexible storytelling opportunity. 
With an existing user base of 250,000 daily users - it was important to transition elements of the previous identity into the expanded rebrand. The new identity brings distinction and a sense of belonging to the community of users and the fandom's they belong to. This bold approach to visual language provides a breath of fresh air in the saturated market as well as a dynamic draw to its unique set of collectors. 
The live implementation of the used designs can be found at:
The following is an unused branding pitch: product and branding concepts featured were designed by Ryan during his time as a freelance designer at (2023).
The original Cardbase icon, manipulated in the rebrand, was created by another designer.
The implemented branding and UI/UX concepts can be found:

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