In the year 2021 I challenged myself to explore new styles and graphic treatments doing 3 posters a week, totalling 60 unique projects. The following are a sampling of that challenge as well as some newer additions, the majority of which revolves around music & film.
Conceptual Key Art and Album Creative Direction for Dijon's upcoming album Absolutely. Taking direct influence from his past projects, the music video for Many Times, and the creative process of this album; the design is extremely raw, of-the-moment, and intimate.The imagery, along with the custom type & illustrations come together to reflect the albums themes and overall process. This is contrasted with the banner design which can reflect the individual tracks and compliment the usage in a variety of bright hues. 

Time Capsule - In this poster trilogy, three time-periods are connected to create series exploring the concept of time while experimenting with varying styles. The story being, a time-travel company represented in the logo mark seen on each poster has brought together the visuals from different periods: type, architecture, messaging, and has connected them in a distinct contemporary design language. Allusions the old west, futurism, and mid-century modern design; multi-media and texturing was used to create these experimental designs while paying homage to the references.
Music Inspired Poster Designs (Experimentation with custom typography)
Film Inspired Poster Designs
Quote Inspired Mid-Century Modern Series (All Image Rights Reserved)
An extensive look at my poster designs and more can be viewed on my Behance.

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