The following are a small sampling of the diverse projects I worked on as the Lead Designer at NOWwith. NOWwith is an e-commerce and content tech startup re-imagining shoppable videos. Highlighted on this page are: the unique shoppable player product design, a brand identity pitch, and a selection of demos. 
This page features conceptual/unused assets during his full-time position with NOWwith. Lead Design & UI/UX and branding concepts: Ryan Neamtu with Creative Direction: Matt Holloway.
Talent Sizzle
The purpose of this sizzle was to evoke excitement and showcase the current lineup of creators on NOWwith. Using fan-favorite faces and giving glimpses into how the product works focusing on the interactive the shopping experience. This sizzle acts as a teaser into the ideology of NOWwith as a platform in the company's infancy.
Producer & Lead Design: Ryan Neamtu & Editor: Stellan Clark
Where You Belong - Demo:
The purpose of this demo was to showcase the interactivity and the ease of the platform, specifically how effectively it integrates with social media platforms. Visually, introducing life through the gradient spectrums was featured in this direction only; it acts as the heartbeat of this promo & we were able to excite creators to be a part of this groundbreaking technology; showcasing UI designed by myself. By showing creators how easily they can become a creator, we also show how NOWwith amplifies their brand, voice, and ability to sell products that they love. Producer & Lead Design: Ryan Neamtu & Editor: Stellan Clark​​​​​​​
Social Media & Visual Design Language:
One of the exciting challenges in constructing a visual language for this brand was coming up with an all-encompassing feeling that was still genuine to the variety of creators on the platform. Per request, the slashes from the brand logo were not allowed to be used; creative solutions came from the core concept of the platform, and breaking down the slashes in a more hidden, clean way, creating line-work through typography was a big part of this solution. 
While the logo and some product UI existed in this design, the language and tone did not. This empty playing field allowed me to take what existed and what we believe our values and mission are and create something new and versatile. The core idea is: "NOWwith empowers creators to curate their shoppable video-based marketplace to become their own brand." NOWwith should be a curator, a projector of culture, and a trend-leader of NOW in that same ideology. Using beautiful and unique imagery across all brand assets, specifically social media, NOWwith mixes in its edge to empower and showcase each brand & creator's personality at every touchpoint. View more social media assets created for NOWwith here.

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